Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Features

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During February 2014, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd launched its latest android Smartphone Galaxy S5 Duos that superseded its earlier edition S4. Compared to its earlier model, S5 comes with a larger screen of 5.1 inch and a faster processor of 2GHz. Even its battery is bigger. It is loaded with a fingerprint sensor, certified by PayPal while its water resistant features conform to IP 67 specifications. Users get the advantage of its android, v4.4.2 Kit Kat operating system. Fans of Samsung Electronics can procure this latest edition from Amazon stores on payment of $649. Should you be considering buying Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos, you should base your decision in the light of the following features offered by this device:

Samsung Galaxy S5 SportPowerful Features

Display: Manufactured by the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide, the S5 has a 5.1 inch screen containing 1080 x 1920 pixels, with super AMOLED capacitive touch screen great display. On using this device you get an opportunity of watching films and of course playing games on TV, using its TV-out (via MHL 2.1 A/V link) option.

Body: You get S5 in four eye-catching colors that include Charcoal Black, Electric Blue, Copper Gold, and Shimmery White. Its overall size is 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm (5.59 x 2.85 x 0.32 in) and it weighs 145 grams.

Camera: One big improvement of this device is the camera, with 16 megapixels, 5312 x 2988 pixels, allowing users to capture ultra-high definition video. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos enables users to take images with a 16 MP, 5312 x 2988 pixels. It comes with built-in phase detection autofocus, LED flash powerful Primary Camera plus a 2 MP Secondary Camera for a dual video call. The Galaxy S5 is fully protected against dust and can resist water up to a depth of one meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Operating System: Its operating system comprises of the latest v4.4.2 (Kit Kat) Android phone operating system.

GalaxyS5Processor: Its CPU is quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 and Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 chip set with 2 GB RAM.

More features: Samsung has introduced some exclusive features in this device. Some of these are TV out, smart stay, smart scroll and smart pause. It contains a pulse monitor that displays your heart rate on the screen as you place a finger on it. It also has wireless charging option. Its internal storage capacity is 32 GB while the external storage is limited to 128GB. It incorporates power saving features too. For instance when the battery is about to go dead, the screen becomes black and white and all other superfluous features are shut down. It automatically adjusts its display for indoor and outdoor use, meaning it changes the contrast and color saturation too. The instrument is secured by use of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and Touch Wiz UI.

Open Source Programs Issues

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Despite having two main shortcomings, open source programs are preferred by many. The reasons are not difficult to guess. First, their availability without any charge is a big attraction for many who do not like investing considerable amount of money in commercially available software. Another good feature of free software is that they don’t solve all problems of ever user, meaning they are designed to meet specific requirements. So, these are more focused, making it convenient to use them, unlike commercial software that is designed to fulfill the requirements of a larger section of consumers of varying requirements.

However, using free software can be quite trying when these are not user friendly or robust. Their limitations can be exasperating. One limitation is that at times these are not maintained and ultimately become in efficient. But that is quite like commercially available software that finally loses back up support and needs replacement.

Open Source Programs

There are two major problems of free software that can affect your choice of design. Often, these can be avoided at the cost of making software less forceful, functional and difficult to maintain.

These two most important problems are their dependency on some other open source code plus poor interface designs that lack spontaneity and thus fail to provide sufficient help. Any supporter and user of open source software would agree that these two problems are very exasperating.

Let’s have a closer look at these problems

Dependency –It is not unusual for free programs to develop applications with help of other open source software. Since the creator has no control over the other open source program, their program may shatter. When the other program incorporated for creating your program is not amended in a timely manner after its release, it could make your program unviable unless you carry some important amendments in that.

Solution – Pure Python, you should program using pure Python as far as possible. Creating open source code that depends only on the core language and its libraries allows you to get maximum control over maintenance. When you eliminate dependencies, your code becomes more robust.

Poor Interface Design – Open source programs are great, but may be tricky to use. Command line interfaces, nominal documentation with no built-in help can be challenging for users who are accustomed to GUI interfaces and wide-ranging help files available with commercial software. Users would like using a familiar interface with the facility of quickly accessing answers to their questions.

Solution – Keep It Simple and Help. Python programs employing TKinter GUI interfaces are uncomplicated, simple to use. You can write these with help of pop-up windows. Simply explaining how to use all features is of tremendous help. Smaller applications should provide on-line lessons with a lot of examples, which is already taken care of by most large open source programs.

If you keep it simple, smart, and forceful, users will be keen to use it.

Laptop Battery Life – Make It Last Longer Part 2

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Don’t Let Your Laptop Sit Idle For Long

As far as possible do not keep the laptop switched off for long intervals. If kept idle, the performance of battery is adversely affected. Laptop should remain active for maintaining its efficiency. When you are going to be away for some time, ensure that somebody else charges it daily for a minimum of five minutes. This ensures that the battery doesn’t expire prematurely.

Keep the Battery, Slot Clean

Periodically you should clean slot containing battery and also the terminals of battery. This ensures efficient flow of power from battery to laptop. Simply wipe the battery, using a piece of dry cloth and keep the slot clean with a mild cleaner. It is recommended to clean the battery plus slot once a fortnight.

battery lifeDon’t Multitask

It is not difficult to understand that multitasking will reduce the life of battery. Do only one activity at a time as simultaneously playing games and music will drain the battery faster.

Drain and Charge

Here is a very easy and practical tip that keeps the battery in good health. Once a month, completely drain out the battery and recharge it to full. This enhances the performance of battery.


A lot of users are in the habit of keeping the computer in a standby mode but they don’t seem to realize that allowing the computer to hibernate allows them to save more charge.

On following the above suggestions, you’ll realize that you don’t have to charge your battery so often. In fact, many users have already found these quite helpful.

Laptop Battery Life – Make It Last Longer

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As a laptop user, you would have surely experienced a drained out battery. In case you are experiencing it a bit too often,perhaps, it needs replacement and that is going to be an expensive affair. Laptop batteries are meant to work for a predetermined amount of time which is rather short. Yet, there are ways enabling you to make the duration of your battery last longer. You’ll find the following ten tips helpful in extending the life of the battery of laptop . Laptop Battery Life

Don’t Charge Too Much

Though most manufacturers of laptops deny, the performance of a laptop gets hindered if you overcharge it. You should understand that once the battery of laptop is hundred percent charged, it doesn’t help anyway to keep it plugged any further. So, switch off the supply after its battery gets fully charged.

Charge Before It Drains Out

Do not wait for the battery charge to become zero before recharging the same. Instead, leave it for charging as soon as the system informs you that the charge is low. Moreover, once you have started charging, do not unplug the supply till the battery is fully charged.

Your Laptop Needs Air

You would know any device using electric current is bound to get heated and a laptop is no exception. Heat so produced raises the temperature of electronic components and could spoil them. You should know that all laptops come with a built in fan that dissipates heat. You need to ensure that fan is working. Moreover, there has to be a convenient way for heat to be fanned out. If you laptop is in perfect contact with the surface it is kept upon, heat can’t escape the laptop and continues to get accumulated. You’ll realize that keeping a check on the temperature of your laptop enhances the life of battery.

Avoid Too Much Brightness

The brighter is the screen of laptop, the more is the consumption of current, meaning the battery will discharge faster. Keep the brightness to just the desired level. Keeping it too low, strains the eyes and too bright a light harms your eyes. Keeping the brightness to the most optimum level certainly extends the life of battery.

Avoid Too Much Gaming

Avoid playing games for too long a time. It drains out the battery quite fast.

Keep Up With The Technology – Dark Fiber

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You are quite likely to have come across the term ‘dark fiber technology’ but perhaps didn’t really bother to find out what it implies. But it is not difficult to understand this technology even if you are a non-technical person.

The expression dark fibers refer to miles and miles of optical fiber cables which are laid underground all over the US but are not being put to use.

The reason for not utilizing these cables is their availability in quantity larger than what is needed. Installation of these cables necessarily requires digging the earth for laying them underground. Most companies laid more lines than what they needed to reduce the costs of digging again and again, thus keeping room for future expansion. The dark strands (unused cables) can be leased to other companies or individuals who like to set up optical connections between their own locations. The responsibility of making it functional rests with the company or individual.

In this fast paced era it is crucial to make use of dark fiber technology. The information below will help you have a better understanding of this technology and what makes it so vital.

dark fiberUnderstanding dark fiber

Optical fiber, usually called ‘fiber optic’ is a technology that allows transmission of data along with information to be carried through glass, plastic fibrils, or fiber in the form of light signals. So, the fibers, which remain unused and hence unlighted as there are no light signals passing through these, are named as dark fiber.

Benefits of dark fiber cables for businesses

When compared to copper cables, optical fibers prove to be more beneficial, as signals transmitted through them do not face any hindrance, meaning the transmission is significantly faster. Moreover, since these cables have larger capacity, there is no need for retransmission of signals. Optical fiber cables are not vulnerable to getting jammed, tapped and are resistant to interferences likely to be caused by radio frequencies. Apart from that, these cables are not affected by electromagnetic pulses caused by wireless networks.


These days the trend for big companies is not to lease lines. Instead, they find it worthwhile to have their own independent network of dark fiber cables. It makes these companies self sufficient, meaning they need not depend on another telecom company for providing them with a cable network.

So far, these companies were reluctant to create their own networks mainly because of the cost of fiber cables and their installation. Fortunately, the market is flooded with these cables now. As a result, there has been a considerable reduction in the prices of these cables, making it an affordable option for many companies. Even midsized companies find them affordable now.

Basically, these cables allow you to have infinite bandwidth, meaning the speed of data transmission is substantially higher.

4 Most Popular Social Media Plugins

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For any blogger to remain successful it is vital to attract traffic, irrespective of the subject of the blog and the kind of audience or the location they may have. The phenomenal growth of social media presents an opportunity to experienced as well novice bloggers to have their websites widely circulated and thus earn recognition.

A bloggers need to understand that they are operating in a highly competitive arena, making it imperative for them to find ways of making their website more appealing than others. Fortunately, they can achieve the same by employing WordPress plugins that are social. However, the variety of social plugins offered by WordPress is so large that selecting the most appropriate ones becomes difficult for any logger. So, here are the four most accepted WordPress social media plugins for 2014.

social media plugins1. Jetpack

On using Jetpack plugin, you can turn on the sharing module. It is a remarkable plugin that offers you many brilliant options for enhancing your WordPress site. However, what prompt users to install this plugin are its abilities to share social media. It provides an easy and efficient way of sharing all your social media websites without having to log on to respective sites. It saves you a lot of time and is free of all hassles, amking it a favorite of most bloggers.

2. Share this buttons

Here is one more helpful and superior plugin for including social media share buttons in your website. It is superior because it provides a host of customization options. You’ll find it offering a number of positioning options. The most helpful feature of this plugin is that it allows you to monitor your social media sharing. This is one social plugin which enables you to set buttons for other users of your post, other than allowing you to select any social media website which you may prefer to target.

3. Digg Digg

This is another preferred plugin that allows you to quickly include social media sharing in your website. It has many superior characteristics including lazy loading to ensure that your site doesn’t get slowed down significantly by sharing social media buttons. Its use also enables you to include floating sharing bar.

4. DC Simple Share Buttons

This plugin too offers the same functions but one limitation that you may not like is the increased load time, particularly when we are aware that loading time is instrumental in traffic generation and thus ranking by search engines. It doesn’t allow loading of JavaScript or outside script. So, it won’t slow down your website. Many would not prefer it, yet some may find this implication worthwhile!