Is It Time You Move To The Benefits Of The Cloud

Once, not that long ago, cloud computing was considered an emerging technology. Its far from that now, having reached into our everyday lives, the power of the cloud has finally been realised by business and is being adopted by everything from small business to large governments and organizations. The revolution has already started.

The reason that cloud computing has already become part of our everyday life is through our own everyday familiarity with technologies such as Outlook, and Gmail. We share our photos and our information on Twitter and Facebook, and these are primarily cloud based applications. You don’t have to install them on your computer, you simply access them through a browser. The great thing about the cloud is everything is usually regular backed up, and kept in many data centres, incase the chance that this data will never be lost.


Does Your Business Need Cloud Computing?

If you are a small business, and can’t afford a cloud computing solution from day one, then you should consider cloud computing as a viable option for you. Before cloud computing arrived, to get access to an email within a business involved setting up a server, and configuring all the data on this local server. This was an expensive operation, you would have to buy state of the art equipment, as well as hire trained IT consultant. This would costs the business a large amount and money, and even for small business, this was normally a luxury that was not looked at to begin with.

Cloud computing service such as email have become so cheap that they have been offered to individuals for free. Normally these companies have many bolt on services that you can also use, so this is a way of advertising their other products to you. To setup a basic cloud email, you don’t need any complicated installed programs, you just sign up with a simple username and password, and you’re connected to the world.

THe reason cloud computing has made such good inroads in business is that it is cheap to start with, and cost effective when it comes to scaling up. This is called the barrier to entry, and for cloud computing applications it’s very cheap. You can use the money you save instead for other activities such as marketing or paying for staff. One benefit of cloud computing has been the meteoric rise of the mobile worker. This is when anyone with a laptop, and internet connection can access the cloud computing applications and the company network, and this has allowed productivity to increase in most industries that are computer based, and support sectors.

Cloud computing comes in 3 different main types:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

The public cloud is the most popular form of cloud computing. This is when the services and applications are provided by a 3rd party data centre company who give you access to both disk space and computing power, which comes in the form of applications. There are well known names in this arena already, such as Amazon web services, and Google apps being the most popular for individuals, as well as enterprise solutions.

A private cloud is the more expensive option and this is where everything is taken in house, and the applications and data is managed for the companies or organizations own server. This has an upside, in that you can control all aspects of your data, and security, and is favoured by companies with critical data needs such as nuclear plants.

The hybrid cloud is a mix of the above 2 methods. Normally the mix happens with the data and with the applications. The applications are hosted on the cloud provider, and the data is kept in house and stored on the company’s server. This happens largely with legacy setups that require too much migration of difficult data sets such as government agencies, and manufacturing enterprises.

Cloud services are also broken down into 3 different flavours of service. These are known as:

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

The most expensive of these cloud computing solutions is Infrastructure as a service. This is when the cloud provider handles the cost of the servers, as well as the networking equipment, while also maintaining the storage and backup arrangements. This is the most comprehensive of the cloud solutions and is typically on offer from Amazon in the form if their EC2 service.

Platform as a service is a cloud computing option that allows you to have a complete platform to support your business. This would normally include all the software they needed, and is a great way to lower their costs instead of paying for bundles of software that each department requires. Examples of this type of solution come in the form of Google Gc engine, and also, which both offer complete enterprise and business solutions. These apps are usually highly configure, to meet the specific data field needs of the business.

Software as a service is the cloud computing option that we are all mostly familiar with. It’s used everyday in our lives with services such as Instagram and Facebook. For business and enterprise the examples are Salesforce and SugarCRM. Both of these applications are among the most popular in their application field, and are easy to use for people already part of the facebook generation.

The Future Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come of age, and the benefits to businesses and organizations that use it are tenfold. Costs are minimized, and resources are better spent on sales and marketing, the real engines of business growth instead of having to pay money to services and applications that we almost take for granted now. Thanks to the nature of the cloud backup and security is maintained as a primary focus of the provider, and it’s easy to access this data in the event of any problems. Is there really a downside to cloud computing in this interconnected world? It doesn’t look like it.

How to Select a Good SEO Consultant

There are many certified SEO consultants in Singapore whom have the skills to SEO a website. However, it is important to choose the right and best SEO agency and SEO consultant in order to achieve the best results possible.

Below are several tips to selecting a good SEO consultant from a SEO agency in Singapore:

  • The SEO consultant should be a local Singaporean in a SEO agency. This is because he should be familiar with the Singapore online marketing, as well as the way English is written and read locally. Thus this will help when readers are able to connect and understand the writing and content on the website.
  • The SEO consultant should have lots of experience in the your industry. Many a time, SEO consultants may only be familiar with a certain niche or industry in Singapore. Hence when tasked to SEO a website which niche he is not familiar with, it makes it difficult for the SEO consultant to understand and therefore rank the website.
  • The SEO consultant should have many good reviews. Should the SEO agency have many good reviews both on their site and on Youtube as videos, this is a good indication that not only is the SEO consultant experienced in his SEO work, but professional as well. Thus this will give clients a sense of safety when deciding to hire the SEO consultant to SEO their website.

Thus should you wish to generate more leads for your website, do not hesitate to us- Wiz Leads Marketing- for our SEO services.

The Great Video Editor for Windows

Some significant moments are worth remembering. For example, you have a desire to save your marriage ceremony videotapes with user-friendly video editing program on Windows moreover create them into a home video. You are certainly enthusiastic to make the video in a Hollywood style. If you famine to edit videos as well as create your own, then you must go for Movavi Video Editor which is planned to make producing and cutting out your videos very simple.The line in Movavi windows video editor features a giant preview display, and subsequent to that are numerous editing tools. You can import video files that you famine to use in your venture and later on drag them into a time line below.


You can similarly order your videos, over and above add audio – just import any acoustic file and put in them to the time line, then Movavi Editor will play them accompanied by the audio-visual file.Right ticking on any component of your venture in Movavi Editor permit you to arrange the properties. For instance, you can mute a video’s audio track;subsequently you can augment your own. You can put fade ins and outs to acoustic tracks in the similar way. Movavi Editor also comprises many effects that you can put in to your audio-visual, as well as transitions – numerous ways to transfer from one scene to a different. These are all actually simple to add as well as play around with. Ticking on Export permits you to select set-ups, export to a specific device or else burn to a CD or DVD. Movavi Editor’s transferring time rests on the span of your venture, but then again it is imperishably quick, and stress-free. Movavi Video Corrector is good for modest editing;moreover,it is basic and does provide deeper professional cutting out options.


  1. In-built interface
  2. Many ready-made effects as well as transitions
  3. Simple to add melody or commentary

System necessities:

  1. Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
  2. Processor: Intel or AMD or compatible processors of 1GHz
  3. RAM: at least 256 MB
  4. Hard disk space necessary: 250MB or more
  5. Display resolution: 1024×768, 32-bit colour
  6. VHS capture device for apprehending
  7. Management permissions for the setting up

Movavi windows video editor also delivers a CD and DVD flame with the aim that the users can see them with families and friends afterwards. This application allows sharing multimedia records on dissimilar social systems like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Dailymotion in addition to many other sites. It is likewise feasible to export them to other tools such as iPhone. Movavi Editor can furthermore be related with outlying supports. As a result, it allows to import videos straight from a camera or else to digitize VHS tapes. The Video Editor aids in creating 3D pictures. Incidentally, the program qualifies to create communicating slideshows. On the other hand, it is specifying in video file. It can likewise be utilized for construing multimedia files.

Sending Emails Just Got A Lot More Interesting

I was working for an email marketing company 11 years ago. In just 10 months, I learned a lot about marketing, Internet and business in general. That was the first job I had and it’s the reason why I’m still online and working from my home. While I don’t deal with email marketing any more, it’s interesting for me to follow up on the news about this industry.

What I discovered recently is a very interesting software, FreshMail. It helps you to create an interesting, content rich email, send it and then track how successful it is. Marketing tools are a must these days and I have to say that FreshMail is one of the better tools I’ve seen in a while.

freshmail templates

You can create a newsletter within minutes and it will look outstanding! You have a wide variety of templates to choose from, which makes it easy to select the right style for the message you want to convey. Their FreshMail templates library is huge, giving you a chance to create a proper email for any type of audience. Whether you are sending emails to supporters, clients, website members or potential customers, you will be able to create a perfect email, the one the recipients will react to. Even if you are marketing to different businesses like restaurants, furniture stores, clothing stores or travel agencies, you will be able to find and use a suitable template from their huge templates library.

It’s easy to create a unique, stunning newsletter that will grab the attention of your readers. I don’t think any marketing agency should function without a software like FreshMail. This is the new now, as I like to say.

The data analysis you get from this tool will make it easier for you to make another, more effective newsletter. Once you get a detailed feedback on how the recipients responded, you can use this data to refine your message. Email marketing is all about information. Without knowledge, you can’t create an email that will produce results. And I would say that the strongest point of FreshMail is that it gives you all the data you need to create an effective email.

Try this software out. It costs you nothing. And once you figure out how powerful it really is, you won’t be able to use anything else than FreshMail.

Do You Need An iPhone Case?

Dropping your iPhone is something that has happened to all of us. We are taking our iPhone out of our pockets, or out of our purses when bamm, it happens. We drop them. When we go to pick our iPhones back up, we find that our worst fears have come true. The screens are broken. This is something that we see all of the time. Even now, I know that if I ask to see all of my friend’s phones, there will be a couple of them that have broken iPhone screens.

Luckily for us, there are things that we can do in order to prevent such a thing from happening. It’s called iPhone cases. There are cases that come in all levels. From small and thin to thick and bulky.

Small iPhone Cases

Small iPhone cases are great because they are easier to carry around. They don’t look like you have a softball in your pocket and they don’t feel like it either which is a great advantage to have as you want to be able to easily access your iPhone as well as easily carry it. But there is a major downside to the small iPhone case. They do not do as good of a job protecting your iPhone as a bigger iPhone will do. They do a better job than not having an iPhone case at all, however, the larger iPhone cases can protect your iPhone from the worst drops and after all, that is one of the reasons to get an iPhone case in the first place.


Large iPhone cases

Large iPhone cases are great because they do a great drop protecting your iPhone. Even with some of the worst drops, these cases will do the job. You don’t have to worry when you go to pick your iPhone back up. Chances are that it ill be fine. However, just like with the small cases, the thick iPhone cases have their disadvantages as well. They are very bulky and don’t easily fit in your pocket. When you do get them into your pocket they are awkward to carry. It is up to each consumer as to what they prefer. Maximum protection with giving up comfort or medium protection with added comfort.

Online iPhone Case Stores

There are a couple of different places to purchase an iPhone case. You can always go down the street and purchase an iPhone case at the local cell phone store. But the problem with that is that it can be very expensive to do so. One of the best places to purchase an iPhone case is to purchase a case online. There are a lot of different iPhone case online stores to choose from. The best thing to do is compare the different prices. You’ll find that many of the stores carry the same brands and same iPhone cases. So compare the different stores for price and don’t forget to compare the shipping prices too.

Which Hosting To Choose For Your New Website?

In 2015, there is no need to point out that having a Web site practically a mandatory part of every company. If we accept this as a standard, the question remains what kind of website the company needs, immediately followed by a question about the hosting  that will provide a smooth working website. Slow server, in fact, can ruin the best websites out there – you would be wasting a lot of time and resources in creating a perfect website if it is often unavailable. Even if your website is slow, you would lose visitors.

The choice of hosting providers, as well as the types of hosting services, is an important step in setting up your website. Moreover, technically demanding sites that work slowly when there are few visitors require adequate resources. And all of this is not just a question of proper functioning – slow functioning of your site can affect the positioning in Google search. Better ranked sites are usually those that load faster!

web hosting

Choice of hosting

What kind of hosting you need? To find the answer to this question, you need to know what technical requirements your site has and to consider the extent of its operation. Most businesses nowadays use WordPress and therefore it is probably going to be your choice as well. So you should look for a good wordpress web hosting company.

The truth is, 99 percent of websites will operate successfully on the cheapest variant of hosting. But if you have specific requirements, hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, a lot of multimedia content … you will need something more than a “simple” solution.

If you provide online services, you have an Internet store or you need readily available support, and then it does not matter whether the technical requirements are modest – your site should always be online because even minutes of downtime can bring huge losses. Then the “usual” solution is not going to be enough. You truly need to find a reliable web hosting for wordpress. Anything less than what you need can cause problems and I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time and your money.

Establishing And Growing A Virtual Business

While you’re sitting in your office and working late in the afternoon, you dream about starting your own business. You’re trying to imagine how great it would be to be your own boss.

But then you realize you need to manage the office space, IT infrastructure and staff…AND you have to pay for all that. But, you can’t afford all that. Or maybe you can?

Business from home is nothing new. New technologies and new software provide new opportunities for business. Today, you can actually create a virtual business and grow it quickly. There’s no need to have an office. Everything you need to do to create a successful, thriving business is available online.

virtual business

No matter what your biz is about, you can run it from your home. Everything you need to grow your business is already available online, you just need to connect the dots. In case you need help, you can quickly find a talented, hardworking individual on the Internet. For every specific aspect of your business thousands of very capable individuals are available. You just need to know where to find them and have a Skype interview to assess their quality and are they a good match for your business goals.

You may think that you can run your own virtual biz, without any help from the side. But that will change as soon as your business starts to grow. You will need help in many different areas, not only when it comes to graphic design, we development, content creation, photography, PR or programming. You will need a consultant, someone who will be able to help you grow your online business properly. Every good entrepreneur surrounds himself with great consultants. This is something you need to consider as well.

I suggest you visit DIY Virtual Biz ~ A business, design, and tech blog by Dr. Liz Musil. You will discover plenty of useful information on how to run your virtual business, be more creative, how to organize and speed up your biz. I’m sure that every single article you read on this blog will discover something new to you and help you run your business better.

The Multimode Fiber Evolution

There have been many advancements in fiber optical components and standard multimode fiber over the years. The ISO 11801 standard provides the following system of classification for multimode fibers. The system is based on the bandwidth of various fibers and classifies them as either OM1, OM2, OM3 or OM4.

OM1 Fiber

62.5 um fiber introduced. This fiber had a larger core than the 50 um fiber that it replaced, enabling more of the light from an LED to be injected into the fiber’s core. 62.5 multimode fiber was able transmit over 2 km campuses at 10 Mb/s. Also, the new fiber was easier to install due to its higher numerical aperture.

OM2 Fiber

As data rates increased, 62.5 fiber could not keep pace due to its lower bandwidth at the 850 nm wavelength. In 1995 the new 100 Mb/s Fast Ethernet standard advocated the use of LEDs operating at 1300 nm wavelength which resulted in less attenuation. As a result, 50 um fiber was reintroduced, providing up to ten times the bandwidth of 62.5 um fiber. The newer 1 Gb/s and 10Gb/s transmitters used smaller spot-size lasers, which eliminated the issue relating to LED power coupling losses that was previously associated with 50um fiber.

fiber optical components

OM3 Fiber

Laser optimized 50μm fiber was introduced as a cost-effective solution for short-range applications that had to support 1Gb/s or multi-gigabit speeds. OM 3 fiber also offered significant cost savings in terms of electronics when upgrading networks to higher speeds. OM3 became the preferred multimode fiber for LANs, SANs, as well as data center interconnects and access applications.

OM4 Fiber

This is 50μm fiber similar to OM 3 but operating a higher bandwidth. OM 4 is cost effective in that savings can be achieved by using 850 nm VCSELs with long building backbones and medium size campus backbones. Supports 10 Gb/s Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and OIF applications over distances up to 550 meters.

Night Vision Equipment and Their Uses

Thanks to technology, people today can live their lives more easily. Developments associated with electricity and the internet has completely changed life and we can now do things faster than there before. Technology has also helped other sectors such as the military such that warfare today is tactical and technological. Most important has been advances that have been made in the war against crime, especially when you have it in mind that most criminal activity occurs under the cover of darkness. A long time ago police fought crime using flash lights but this was not so effective; the development of the night vision scope has helped the police officers to see more clearly in darkness because it gives them an edge against the bad guys.

night vision equipment

Most people can’t understand how night vision scopes work. Your eyes have natural night vision but as usual, you need to stay in the dark for brief moments before your eyes get acclimatized. You only need to be in a dark room for a few seconds before things start becoming clearer even in area with very little light. Night vision scopes work in an almost similar way, with the advantage being that they have technology that amplifies the little light so that you can see more clearly. You actually don’t see through a night vision scope, goggles or binoculars but through a phosphor screen that is in front of you; this can be compared to a TV inside your night vision device.

There are other night vision devices that don’t need light intensifiers; this other kinds of devices work through the use of thermal imaging. Thermal imaging appears to be more sophisticated that the light intensifier technology when it comes to night vision. The technology works by capturing any heat that is emitted by objects. Human bodies or those of animals will emit more light than stones and other inanimate objects, this makes it possible for you to distinguish human beings or animals because they create a more intensified white or red color on the infrared based night vision equipment.

What is clear is that these two types of night vision devices are effective in assisting people to walk easily during dark hours or when there is very little light. In most cases, the police and the military use night vision devices in their line of duty as an essential tool. The rest of the population has also benefited from the development of night vision technology especially those who love to go game hunting or watching birds and wildlife before the sun rises. When compared to other optical devices, night vision may look like they are more expensive but when you look at the benefits; it is usually worth every dime you will pay.

Connect Your Smartphone With Your PC

As more and more people started to use smartphones, the need to connect a smartphone with the PC has risen. The photos taken with the smartphone quickly took up all the storage space so it was necessary to transfer these photos to a PC quickly. On the other side, large music databases stored on the PC had to be transferred to the phone somehow.

We could do all this with a USB cable, but still, it was not always possible to have a cable on hand. Plus, that can be a hassle sometimes. And this is how mobile PC suites came to be. A useful software that can connect and sync your smartphone with the PC. You can use a mobile PC suite to transfer files, create backups and do many other things.

mobile pc suites
The connection can be made via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. Of course, you can still use a cable, but that’s the slowest possible way of exchanging data between phones and PCs so we’ll just skip that. Bluetooth is a cool way to exchange data, but there is a flaw in this system – your gadgets have to be close to one another. On the other hand, Wi-Fi connection will allow you to exchange files from your PC to your smartphone no matter how far away they are from one another.

And the best thing is, it’s quite easy to install and use this system. If you check out a guide on mobile PC suites, you will see that you need to take only few steps to make this work. And then, no matter  where you are in your home, you can store photos to your PCs hard drive, transfer videos, movies and music to your smartphone, without having to move from your sofa. Convenient, right?